Meeting Your Specifications is Our Specialization

Ovation Polymers (OPTEM) is a leading provider of toll compounding services for organizations with the most demanding and performance-intensive applications around the world. With toll compounding, our team of material and manufacturing specialists develop and produce compounds and composites according to your formulations and parameters.

By entrusting this critical process to our team, you benefit from our decades of experience in specialty and performance polymers. From understanding the many complex methods for processing materials to extending the production capabilities of your own team, the benefits of toll compounding are numerous. And with OPTEM as your partner, you’ll be able to take advantage of our advanced plastics knowledge, ability to produce your materials in virtually any-size batch, and many other in-house production capabilities.

toll compounding

Typical Material Characteristics

  • Large, medium, or small production lots
  • Specialty compounding capabilities
  • Liquid injection and vacuum devolatilization
  • Difficult-to-make products
  • Full service from trials to production

Our Equipment & Capabilities

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality
  • Twin screw extrusion process
  • Proprietary process design
  • Five production lines
  • Carbon nano-tube (CNT) compounding
  • Complex process design flexibility

In addition to toll compounding, our team also provides custom compounding services in which our team handles all custom formulation, development, testing, and production for you. You benefit from our existing and proven line of specialty and performance polymers that can be easily modified to enhance certain properties, or we can develop something custom.

Get Started with Toll Compounding at OPTEM

With two production facilities, rigorous quality management processes, and a relentless commitment to safety, OPTEM is the toll compounding partner you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re looking to produce a heat-resistant compound or an electrically conductive polymer, our team is ready to put our decades of knowledge and experience to work for your success.

Contact us today to get started with toll compounding.