Nearly Two Decades of Excellence in Specialty and Performance Polymers

Our Mission: Ovation Polymers works with our customers to meet their needs while providing exceptional customer service. We accomplish this by ongoing communication with Ovation’s team of production and technical experts whose focus is on quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety. Our culture of trust, integrity, commitment, and innovation empowers our team to be leaders in our industry.

Founded in 2004, Ovation Polymers (OPTEM) is a specialty engineered plastic compounder headquartered in Medina, Ohio. Our compounding offerings range from routine to specialized processes such as dispersion, reactive extrusion, grafting, cross-linking polymers, devolatilization, performance/functional fiber reinforcement, and the processing of nano-engineered molecules. Learn more about our compounding services.

As small-batch manufacturers and problem solvers, each of our specialty and performance polymers is produced through a comprehensive approach that puts your requirements front and center. We communicate closely with each client, valuing honesty at all times to ensure we’re remaining agile and supportive to your needs. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and uphold a rigorous commitment to the quality of every product that we produce or custom formulate. To date, our on-time delivery rate — a critical ISO metric — stands at 99%.

Equally as important as our polymer specializations, quality commitments, and customer-centric philosophy is our dedication to safety. As of July 2021, we have achieved 3,500 days with no lost time accidents. From ensuring the safety of our employees on our manufacturing floor to protecting customers and partners touring our facilities, we provide both the training and resources needed to keep all who work with our company safe 24/7/365. Learn more about our safety program.

Today, our facility includes a 25,000-square-foot warehouse as well as a 55,000-square-foot production floor with offices and a lab — enabling us to provide our customers across multiple global markets with all of their specialty and performance polymer products and services. Whether you’re located in the states or abroad, our worldwide shipping options ensure that you’ll have the polymer solutions you need to achieve your production and performance goals.

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Prioritizing Safety Leads to Success At Ovation Polymers (OPTEM), safety underscores all that we do. Only by upholding a relentless commitment to ensuring the safety of our employees, clients, partners, vendors, and all who visit our facilities are we able to achieve success in specialty and performance polymer compounding and development. It’s this commitment that [...]


Delivering Quality in Every Formulation The specialty and performance polymers that our clients entrust to us are the foundation of their products. They ensure that their products perform well under pressure, under high heat, against harsh chemicals, and despite wear and abrasion. Only by maintaining rigorous quality standards are we able to ensure that our [...]

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With Ovation branded products, toll compounding services, and custom formulation capabilities, we’ll provide the specialty and performance polymers you need to achieve your goals.