Enhance Performance and Safety with Our Line of ESD Polymers

Similar to our OpteSTAT™ line of electrically conductive polymers, Nemcon™ E is a compound solution for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control. Whereas OpteSTAT features carbon nanotube (CNT) technology, Nemcom E features carbon fiber and powder compounds. These ESD polymers provide a level of protection as part of overall product design and construction, ensuring that your products perform as intended without the risk of ESD occurring. Learn more about Nemcon E below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ESD polymers nemcon e

Nemcon E Features and Capabilities

As an ESD polymer, Nemcon E was designed to work in a variety of industries such as electronics, automotive, industrial, wiring and cabling, and numerous others where electrostatic buildup is a risk.

  • Innovative polymer chemistry and processing
  • Based on a patented technology platform
  • Ideal for applications where ESD safety is needed
  • Produced using resilient carbon fiber/powder compounds
  • Available with metal-filled compounds
  • Graphite and graphene are also available

Product Applications That Excel with Nemcon E ESD Polymers

Nemcon E is an incredibly flexible specialty ESD polymer compound that finds a home for numerous applications, some of which include:

  • Gaskets
  • Product assembly housings
  • Component housings
  • Surface mount connectors
  • Thermoformed trays

As with many of our other specialty and performance plastics, Nemcon E can be tailored to meet your specific ESD polymer requirements through our custom compounding and research and development services. We understand that your application is successful only when the materials that go into it perform consistently and reliably at all times, which is why our team will work with you to ensure that Nemcon E is the right ESD polymer for the job.

Experience the Ovation Polymers Difference

For nearly two decades, Ovation Polymers (OPTEM) has been developing advanced specialty and performance plastics for the most demanding industries in the world. Our products are designed to make your production easier, higher-performing, and cost-effective. We achieve that by constantly keeping you and your application front and center, through our ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification, 99% on-time delivery rate, and through ongoing safety training and best practices in our facilities that have led to 3,500 days with no lost-time accidents.

Ready to see how Nemcon E ESD polymers will enhance your products and their performance? Connect with us today to speak with a material expert.