Any Material, Formulation, or Capacity — Anytime

At Ovation Polymers, our capabilities extend well beyond our proprietary specialty and performance polymers to include toll compounding, custom compounding, and research and development support. In each line of service, you’ll benefit from our decades of multi-industry expertise and knowledge of some of the world’s most advanced compounds and composites.

Our toll compounding services utilize your own materials — or any of our own line of advanced compounds — along with required formulations to achieve a desired raw material output. With 80,000 square feet of production space across our warehouse and production facilities, as well as a team, we’ll work closely with you to achieve the right material performance properties and desired amounts delivered on a timely basis.

With our custom compounding capabilities, our experts will develop the right material formulation for your specific application. We can build upon an existing formulation to enhance its performance, modify one of our existing advanced polymer compounds, or work with you on something entirely new as needed. And if you need assistance with an existing formulation to validate its formulation and performance requirements, our research and development services are also available.

However you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from our ability to produce in lots of multiple sizes, our extensive processes ranging from dispersion to reinformation, ability to work with nano-engineered molecules, trial-run production capability, and advanced line of equipment. Learn more about our compounding and R&D services below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Toll Compounding

Our toll compounding services result in advanced polymer materials based on your formulations and product parameters.

Custom Compounding

Our custom compounding services help you get the product material performance you need for long-term success.

Research & Development

Our polymer R&D services help you refine or develop your polymer formulation and achieve your performance goals.

Explore Our Full Line of Advanced Polymer Products

With proprietary compounds and high-performing masterbatches, Ovation Polymers offers advanced polymers to take your product to new heights.