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Specialty and Performance Polymers

For nearly 20 years, Ovation Polymers has provided advanced, reliable custom and toll compounding for specialty polymers and performance polymers. Learn how we’ll take your product to the next level.

Our Specialty & Performance Polymers

Discover our full line of proprietary polymers and composites, including everything from electrically and thermally conductive compounds to high-performance masterbatches that serve as the foundation for your material formulation.

Electrically Conductive OpteSTAT™

Electrically Conductive Polymers for Multiple Applications OpteSTAT™ electrically conductive polymers are our patented carbon-nanotube-based specialty compounds and composites designed for exceeding the challenging performance requirements for electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe applications in the disk drive, semiconductor, and electronics industries as well as automotive, industrial, and wire and cable industries. OpteSTAT is our most popular product line [...]

Thermally Conductive Nemcon™H

High-Performing Thermally Conductive Polymer Compounds Nemcon H™ is our line of melt-processable thermally conductive polymers based on our patented technology platform. Nemcon H products are ideal for replacing aluminum as low-weight heat sinks in LED bulbs and modules. We offer a range of grades for molding and extrusion processing with performance characteristics such as flame [...]

Electro-Static Control Nemcon™E

Enhance Performance and Safety with Our Line of ESD Polymers Similar to our OpteSTAT™ line of electrically conductive polymers, Nemcon™ E is a compound solution for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control. Whereas OpteSTAT features carbon nanotube (CNT) technology, Nemcom E features carbon fiber and powder compounds. These ESD polymers provide a level of protection as part [...]

High Performance Composites UTTAP™

Achieve the Performance Needed with Advanced UTTAP UTTAP is Ovation Polymers’ (OPTEM) line of high performance composites, alloys, blends, and compounds. Encompassing a wide range of materials and performance properties, UTTAP is based on our decades of experience in manufacturing plastic products that not only meet your product needs now but also continue to deliver [...]

Polyester & Polycarbonate Composites Rigitron™

Filled and Reinforced Composites for Impact Resistance Rigitron is Ovation Polymers’ (OPTEM) line of polyester composites and polycarbonate composites designed specifically for high impact resistance. Composed of filled and reinforced materials, these composites perform under some of the most demanding applications. Learn more about our series of Rigitron polyester composites and polycarbonate composites below. If [...]

Performance Masterbatches Arcticon™

Customer-Oriented Nano Hybrid Performance Masterbatches Articon is Ovation Polymers’ (OPTEM) line of custom-engineered masterbatch. Designed to address today’s material challenges for new and demanding applications, Arcticon performance masterbatches are based on our proprietary dispersion technology and chemistry with a high level of application-specific customization in each grade. Thanks to its smart hybridization of nano- and [...]

Quality Systems & Certificates

With an ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification, a 99% on-time delivery rate, and frequent auditing from external partners, rest assured that your materials and their performance will be second to none.

Our Commitment to Safety

Thanks to rigorous internal safety education and training, we have achieved significant milestones for no lost-time accidents. Learn about our safety commitment and how it protects our team.

Compounding Services

We offer toll compounding services to produce virtually any specialty polymers and performance polymers, as well as custom compounding to identify the right material formulation for your needs.

Toll Compounding

Our toll compounding services result in advanced polymer materials based on your formulations and product parameters.

Custom Compounding

Our custom compounding services help you get the product material performance you need for long-term success.

Research & Development

Our polymer R&D services help you refine or develop your polymer formulation and achieve your performance goals.