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Electrically Conductive Polymers: OpteSTAT™

Ovation Polymer's OpteSTAT™ H carbon nanotubes based polymer compounds and composites are based on our patented technology platform designed for exceeding the challenging performance requirements for applications in disk drive and semiconductor industries. OpteSTAT™ compounds and sheets are extremely clean (exhibit low outgassing, ionics, NVR, and LPC ), electrically conductive/dissipative and are ideal for injection molding, extrusion, and thermoforming. A wide variety of grades are available, based on polymers namely, polycarbonates, polyesters, polyolefins, polyetheretherketone, and sulfones. The OpteSTAT™ composites and sheets exhibits consistent permanent, humidity independent and stable ESD properties in combination with enhanced mechanical, thermal, and physical performance during processing and repeated use with washing.

These products are engineered for applications such as:

OpteSTAT for Electronics Market

Technical Features:

Broad Range of Conductivities Available:

  • ESD Grades
  • EMI Shielding Grades

Exceptional Cleanliness:

  • "Non-Sloughing"
  • Low Out-Gassing
  • Low Ionic Content
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Non-Hal Grades

Proprietary Dispersion Technology Resulting In:

  • Tight Dimensional Control
  • Improved Physical Properties
  • Ease of Processing

Potential Applications:

Ideal for Semiconductor and Diskdrive Applications:

  • ESD Grades
  • EMI Shielding Grades

Clean ESD Packaging/Handling:

  • Thermoformed Trays

Critical ESD Components:

  • Circuit Protection Devices
  • Clean/ESD-Safe Internal Components

OpteSTAT™ List of Available Product Grades:

  • OpteSTAT™ PETG
  • OpteSTAT™ PET
  • OpteSTAT™ PC
  • OpteSTAT™ PA
  • OpteSTAT™ PP
  • OpteSTAT™ PE
  • OpteSTAT™ PPS
  • OpteSTAT™ PEEK
  • OpteSTAT™ PEI
  • OpteSTAT™ PES
  • OpteSTAT™ PSU
  • OpteSTAT™ PBT
  • OpteSTAT™ TPU
  • OpteSTAT™ PVDF
  • OpteSTAT™ POM

OpteSTAT™ Technical Data Sheet Links:

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